From Our Staff | September 10, 2008

The 1993 Editor’s Prize award went to David Borofka for his story, “Epilogue.”  Borofka’s  characters – an adultering priest, a virtuous insurance man, a surgeon with multiple sclerosis, two women who are marriage/family counselors and who are both in disastrous marriages – explore the inevitable chasm between professional identity and life.  In the end, mercy is found within this chasm: “Grace caroms around the room with the velocity of a hockey puck.”  Len, the virtuous insurance man, meets Max, the adulterous priest, in a diner.  Len chokes on a piece of sausage and he’s saved not by the priest, not by the doctor, not by either wife, but by an anonymous, vomit-splattered patron who is thought to be nothing more than a vagrant.  Read the story at