From Our Soundbooth | December 17, 2011

On this week’s podcast, we feature Bill Ratner’s essay, “The Archiving of an I Love Lucy Bit-Part Player,” which was the First Runner-up of our 2011 Audio Competition in the Prose category. Bill Ratner is a seven-time winner of The Moth Story Slams in Los Angeles. He is a voice on movie trailers, documentaries and computer games, and the cartoon voice of Flint on G.I. Joe, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy. His essays and short fiction are published in The Armor Fati, Pleiades, Southern Anthology, Spork,, National Cheng Kung Literary, Paper Maché Press, TV Marquee, and Coast Magazine. (Bill’s uncle, Robert Jellison, actually played the role of Bobby the Bellboy on I Love Lucy.) More of Bill’s stories can be found on