From Our Soundbooth | January 30, 2013

A new semester means new podcasts! With a special welcome to our wonderful new interns, on this week’s TMR Podcast we are excited to feature Daniel DiStefano’s “The New Neighbor in Barnum and Bailey Retirement City,” which was the runner-up in the Prose category of our 2012 Audio Competition.

DDiStefanoDaniel DiStefano, a New Jersey native, was once a foreign contracts coordinator for a literary agency, but is now pursuing his MFA in Fiction from the University of Michigan. He lives with Freddy, his 21-year-old pet frog, in their first apartment to ever have natural sunlight. His fiction has appeared in Whitefish Review and The Rambler. A print version of his story, “The New Neighbor in Barnum and Bailey Retirement City,” is forthcoming in issue 34.2 of Indiana Review.

This podcast features the vocal talent of:

Rebecca Scherm – The Bearded Lady

Michael Byers – The Wolf Boy

Dan Keane – The Painted Man

Keith Taylor – The Last Living Ton

Rachel Farrell – The Winged Woman