From Our Soundbooth | October 23, 2014

Today on The Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast we are excited to bring to you the final installment of our fantastic 2014 Audio Contest winners and runners up.  Today’s feature is our runner-up in the Audio Documentary Category “Lonely Nights” by Diane Hope which explores astronomy and the work-life of the astronomer.


Diane Hope, PhD brings 20 years of experience as a research scientist to her audio work. Originally from northwest England, Diane enjoys producing creative audio features which both educate and entertain. With three science degrees, including a PhD in environmental science, she specializes in audio production and location recordings for radio, museum guides, the web and film.  She has made features for BBC Radio and local NPR on topics ranging from ghost towns to astronomy to the evocative sound of the American freight train horn. Other work has included providing recordings for the Ridley Scott film The Counsellor and a web-based audio guide series to wildlife watching for AZ Game & Fish Dept. Her entry for this year’s Missouri Review competition is a recut version of a BBC radio feature that she made in collaboration with executive producer Alan Hall at Falling Tree Productions (London), inspired by her interest in astronomy.  Diane will be an artist-in-residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in China from Jan-May 2015 making a guide to the sounds of Shanghai.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more original interviews and discussions from  The Missouri Review’s Soundbooth!