From Our Soundbooth | July 02, 2015

This week on The Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast we are excited to bring you the poetry runner-up from our  2015 Miller Audio Prize Contest,  Kai Carlson-Wee.

Kai-author photo small-Gulf Coast 2015

Carlson-Wee has rollerbladed professionally, surfed north of the Arctic Circle, and traveled across the country by freight train. His work has appeared in Narrative, Best New Poets, Tri-Quarterly, and The Missouri Review, which selected a group of his poems for the 2013 Jeffery E. Smith Editor’s Prize. A former Wallace Stegner Fellow, he lives in San Francisco, and is a Jones Lecturer in poetry at Stanford University.

Don’t forget about that submissions are open to our fall Contest, the Jeffrey E. Smith Editor’s Prize, with winners in the categories of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction each receiving an award of $5,000.

And please enjoy the poems of our fantastic runner-up in poetry: Kai Carlson-Wee.