From Our Soundbooth | July 21, 2016

This week on The Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast we are excited to feature our final runner up of the  2016 Miller Audio Prize Contest.  The runner up Prose submission is Dennis Funk & Maya Goldberg-Safir’s “The Sitter Dispatch.”

Maya Goldberg-Safir is a social media strategist at Third Coast International Audio Festival, an unlicensed Podcast Therapist and a freelance radio producer. She’s an active organizer in the Chicago audio scene. Twitter: @mayags

Dennis Funk is a producer with the Third Coast International Audio Festival. He makes the podcast Re:sound, creates audio features and poems and writes music for scoring stories. Twitter: @D____sF__k

Thank you all so much for entering to the 2016 Miller Audio Prize Contest, and we look forward to listening to even more of your pieces next year!.  And don’t forget about our fall Contest, the Jeffrey E. Smith Editor’s Prize, with winners in the categories of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction each receiving an award of $5,000!

We hope you enjoy Maya and Dennis’ piece and tune in next week for a short discussion on the nebulous YA genre!