From Our Soundbooth | July 03, 2018

This week, we are very excited to share Julie Moon‘s “Date Paintings,” the winner of our 2018 Miller Audio Prize in Poetry. Moon’s project grew out of her background as an international student:

Growing up as an international student– traveling back and forth between my “country of origin” and the U.S.– had a huge impact on my memories and sense of self. I made “Date Paintings” to explore that impact, and synthesize fragments of distinct forms: sound effects, contemporary musical scores, and my meditation on the paintings of On Kawara. Recalling my experience of feeling in between places, I wanted to make a piece that is in between genres: sound art, prose, poetry, etc.

This is what our judge, Avery Trufelman, had to say about “Date Paintings”: “This is a gorgeous and haunting piece, not just for its vivid array of words, but also for the poetic arrangements of sounds themselves. ‘Date Paintings’ is a perfect merger of music and noise, magic and mundanity. It’s a completely transportive and transfixing piece of audio poetry.”

Julie Moon is a South Korean writer living in Brooklyn. A former Iowa Arts Fellow, she is pursuing an MFA in nonfiction at Columbia University. She will be performing “Date Paintings” at a sound art exhibit at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in July 2018.

Listen to “Date Paintings” by Julie Moon, below: