From Our Soundbooth | September 12, 2019

This week, we’re thrilled to share with you the second of our Miller Prize-winning audio projects: “Simon Says” by Megan Mack and Thank You Kiss. The Miller Audio Prize is a contest open to artists composing in the genres of Prose, Audio Documentary, Humor and Poetry. 2019 Guest Judge Cher Vincent selected “Simon Says” by Megan Mack and Thank You Kiss as this year’s winning project in the Humor genre.

Here’s what the winning team had to tell us about their project:

“Simon Says” was first performed live by the cast of Thank You Kiss in 2015 in Rochester, New York. The current version is an original recording, mixed for an audio platform. “Simon Says” takes place in the wee hours of the morning of April 15, 1912, after the sinking of the Titanic. Four first class passengers – Reginald, Cosmo, Lady Duff, and Rebecca – are drifting in a lifeboat, waiting to be rescued. As less fortunate passengers struggle in the water around them, the four elites play party games to alleviate their boredom. Their fun is cut short when they make a fatal mistake. The sketch is meant to be a satirical look at privilege – a social commentary made with a combination of silliness and darkness.

Listen to “Simon Says” here:

Thank You Kiss (TYK) is a sketch comedy group based in Rochester, New York, featuring Marc D’Amico, Megan Mack, John Forrest Thompson, and Beth Winslow. TYK presents a unique blend of satire, sincerity, and silliness through sketch, improvisation, video, and music. Its members have studied and worked at such renowned comedy theatres as iO, The Second City, and The Annoyance. Check them out on Facebook: .