Dispatches | October 13, 2018

As we anxiously await your manuscripts for the Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize (don’t worry, you have just over 48 hours before our October 15th deadline), we wanted to show you what we’ve been working on! Above is the cover for our lastest title from TMR Books’, Trouble in Mind: The Short Story and Conflict. 

Trouble in Mind is a collection of our very favorite Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize winners and runners-up from the past twenty-eight years. It will be out this month and available for purchase through our website. But! If you enter the 2018 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize contest, you will receive a paperback copy with your entry fee (normal price is $14.95). You can also listen to excerpts form six of the stories featured in Trouble in Mind here!

More about the stories featured in the collection:

“Many of these stories are dramatic at their cores, with powerful event and mood-radiating revelations that readers may sense even before fully comprehending them. Details may be as knotty and difficult as life, but beneath it all is the pitch toward meaning.”

                                                —Kristine Somerville & Speer Morgan, from the Foreword

Trouble in Mind gathers together a dozen of the best works of short fiction to appear in Missouri Review in the past twenty years. By turns harrowing and heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, riven throughout with insight and grace, these stories are the fruits of writers working in the heights of their craft. Considered altogether, this book stands as a testament to the values of the Missouri Review where the vicissitudes of life are redeemed by the author’s fineness of perception and expression. Trouble in Mind is a gift to us all—readers and writers alike.”

—Dan O’Brien

Want a copy of Trouble in Mind and a chance to win $5000? Enter the 2018 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize by October 15, 2018.