Dispatches | October 14, 2010

Technology and I. Well, our relationship is a little rocky, but I’m in love. I’m the type of person that can’t live without it.

I have a smart phone.

I read eBooks and eMags.

And I like to have Studio 54 dance parties with my iPod. Respect the dancing skills.

But I’m convinced technology doesn’t love me like I love it.

I scheduled a phone interview with Scott Russell Sanders last week and the remote telephone mixer decided it wanted to misbehave. Then, Studio 54’s sound booth decided it wanted to get in on the action. I battled with XLR cables and input/output plug-ins and microphones for hours. They won. I lost.

Needless to say, someone will be stopping in next week to put this equipment back in its place (or tell me something is seriously broken – not just broken but seriously broken). Here’s hoping the technological gods will notice my unrequited love.