Uncategorized | March 20, 2004

If I weren’t sitting on the couch all weekend watching those basketball games on TV, clutching my brackets in oscillating glory and despair, then I’d be packing my suitcase—because come Wednesday I’ll be making the drive to Chicago for the Associated Writing Program’s (AWP) annual conference. Three days of panels on writing and publishing and pedagogy and just about every topic related to creative writing. There will be readings galore. A great big book fair, too, featuring many literary journals, including The Missouri Review, during which you can walk around and meet various representatives of the magazines and collect all sorts of freebies. Though I’ve been to the AWP conference before, I’ve never been to the Windy City; I’m looking forward to the conference, but also to deep-dish pizza, to Chicago blues, and to finding a giant TV, where I can sit back and witness several more UConn victories.