From Our Staff | January 12, 2018

Thank you to everyone who entered the 27th annual Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize contest! The Missouri Review staff were enormously impressed with the quality of the pieces submitted. We are pleased to announce the winner, three runners-up, and ten finalists in each category:


Tamara Titus of Charlotte, NC, for “Exit Seekers”

Runners-Up (alphabetically):
May-lee Chai of San Francisco, CA, for “Life on Mars”
Andrew De Silva of Los Angeles, CA, for “Coach Schwartz”
Denis Wong of Hong Kong, for “The Resurrection of Ma Jun”

Finalists (alphabetically):
Christopher Cappelluti of Brooklyn, NY, for “Rooster”
Amy Feltman of Brooklyn, NY, for “Clean”
Ernest J. Finney of Nevada City, CA, for “The Pickers”
Yuly Restrepo Garcés of Largo, FL, for “The Decedent”
Jorge Guerra Del Cid of Iowa City, IA, for “Sisterhood”
Maureen McGranaghan of Pittsburgh, PA, for “The Painted Wasp”
Jono Naito of Syracuse, NY, for “End of the Day”
Britt Peterson of Washington, D.C., for “The Dreadnought Club”
Christine Vines of Ithaca, NY, for “The Tower of Seneca Plain”
Mark Wagstaff of London, UK, for “No Goodbye to the Weather”



Meghann Plunkett of Carbondale, IL

Runners-Up (alphabetically):
F. J. Bergmann of Madison, WI
Matty Layne Glasgow of Ames, IA
Chelsea Rathburn of Blairsville, GA

Finalists (alphabetically):
Cortney Lamar Charleston of Jersey City, NJ
Olivia Gatwood of Albuquerque, NM
Mikko Harvey of Brooklyn, NY
Mitchell Jacobs of Lafayette, IN
Jacques J. Rancourt of Redwood City, CA
Paul Tran of St. Louis, MO
Corey Van Landingham of Cheviot, OH
H. R. Webster of Jaffrey, NH
Amie Whittemore of Murfreesboro, TN
Margot Wizansky of Brookline, MA



Rose Smith of Austin, TX, for “Rachel’s Wedding”

Runners-Up (alphabetically):
Dawn Davies of Sunrise, FL, for “Arrhythmia”
Sharon F. Doorasamy of Winston-Salem, NC, for “The Meat Must Float”
Jillian Weiss of Portland, OR, for “Awakening to Jake”

Finalists (alphabetically):
Julialicia Case of Decatur, IL, for “The Stories I Do Not Know for Sure”
Madhushree Ghosh of San Diego, CA, for “A Maid’s Tale: A Story of Kaajer Lok (Maidservants) of Home”
Reeves Keyworth of Tucson, AZ, for “Diving into the Surface”
E. J. Levy of Fort Collins, CO, for “The P-Word”
Maria Manuccia of Menlo Park, CA, for “Smoke”
Brad Aaron Modlin of Joplin, MO, for “Everyone from Australia Tells the Truth”
Hannah Louise Poston of Ann Arbor, MI, for “Nothing, Nowhere, Endless”
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers of Conway, AR, for “The Year on Desire”
Lei Wang of Shanghai, China, for “Tiny Rooms”
Bro. Yao of Glenn Dale, MD, for “The Fifty-Four”

The winning entries and select runners-up will appear in the Spring 2018 issue of the Missouri Review, which should be out in April. Other pieces by runners-up will appear in future issues. Thank you to everyone who sent their work, and we hope to read more of your new writing in the coming year.

Please consider submitting to our 11th annual Miller Audio Prize, which you can check out here. The deadline is March 15, 2018.