From Our Staff | May 14, 2015

Please join us in congratulating the winners and runners-up of this year’s Miller Audio Contest!  Winners were selected in collaboration with our guest judge, Andrew Leland, host and producer of the Organist (, a weekly arts and culture podcast from KCRW, and the Believer magazine. Stay tuned for these pieces to be released as featured podcasts on TMR‘s Soundbooth in June and July.

1st Place in Audio Documentary: “Lance and Nina: A Story of Addiction and Redemption” by Karen Brown

Runner-up in Audio Documentary: “Heartland, Missouri” by Abigail Keel

1st Place in Poetry: “Notes on his poems by a guy who observed them in their natural habitat” by Kevin McIlvoy

     Runner-up in Poetry: “Thresher” by Kai Carlson-Wee (with music by Channing Showalter)

1st Place in Prose: “Leaving Los Angeles” by Alison Byrne

       Runner-up in Prose: “Vox Rex” by Robert Morgan Fisher

1st Place in Humor: “Chicken Cutlets, Cleavage & Compromise” by Jaime Lowe

       Runner-up in Humor: “This is how I thought things were done…sorry”

by Erin Drew

Special thanks to judge Andrew Leland; Contest Assistant Editor Brad Babendir; our amazing contest interns Leanna Petronella, Angie Netro, Richard Miller, and Mollie Jackman; and the rest of the TMR staff. It was another great year for submissions, and they were a pleasure to listen to. If you didn’t place this year, we hope you will consider submitting in 2016, and again, a big congratulations to our winners!