Uncategorized | May 13, 2016


Please join us in congratulating the winners and runners-up of this year’s Miller Audio Contest! Winners were selected in collaboration with our guest judge, Andrea Silenzi, Senior Producer of The Gist with Mike Pesca, a daily news show from Slate, and host of the podcast Why Oh Why, a show about relationships. Stay tuned for these pieces to be released as featured podcasts on TMR‘s Soundbooth in June and July.

1st Place Winner in Prose:

Ingrid Rojas Contreras- “Two Worlds”

Runner-up in Prose:

Dennis Funk & Maya Goldberg-Safir- “The Sitter Dispatch”

1st Place Winner in Poetry:

Marcus Wicker- “Watch Us Elocute”

Runner-up in Poetry:

Fable the Poet- “Picasso Baby”

1st Place Winner in Humor:

Colleen Pellissier- “Yoga Dogs”

Runner-up in Humor:

Nathan Blanchard- “Bek Mekages: The Mystery of Sunny Delight (Part 1)”

1st Place Winner in Audio Documentary:

Ibby Caputo- “Crying Dry Tears”

Runner-up in Audio Documentary:

Julia Duba- “South Florida’s Graffiti Problem in the ‘90s Had an Emblem: Crook Crime”

Special thanks to judge Andrea Silenzi; Contest Assistant Editor Hannah Cuthbertson; our contest interns Jen McCauley, Traci Cox, and Emma Taylor; and the rest of the TMR staff. It was a record-breaking year for submissions, and they were a pleasure to listen to. If you didn’t place this year, we hope you will consider submitting in 2016, and again, big congratulations to our winners!