Uncategorized | May 13, 2004

We spend a lot of time highlighting writers on our site, but often forget the visual components that make issues of The Missouri Review stand out on shelves. Our latest cover, by David Lorenz Winston, is featured on the front page but if you go to our less-linked subscriber information page you can see all the covers from the last four years.

In addition to David, artists for these covers include Julie Bonaduce, Amy Enderle, Stephen Bybee, Tom Chambers, Viet T. Ngo, and Marvi Lacar.

Cartoons are also an important visual aspect of our journal. We’ve recently included work by Matthew Henry Hall, Jen Sorensen, Brad Veley, Carole Cable, Jane Whitledge, Mick Stevens, Al Deluise, and Benita Epstein.

Check out these artists’ sites which showcase their excellent work.