Fiction | October 30, 2018

Withdrawal was always bad, and the jail didn’t make it easier. They put her in a room with a nurse who watched shows where they surprised people on a soundstage by bringing up loved ones and revealing the bad things everyone had done to everyone else in secret.“I’d hit that man too, if he did that to me,” the nurse said, as Lacey was starting to get better.“That man doesn’t seem so bad,” Lacey said. “There are men who do a lot worse.”“You know what I’d want to do to that man, if he did that to me?” the nurse said. “I’d want to run him over with my truck.”“That’s too nice for him,” Lacey said. “You can kill him better than that.”“I’d put chains on the tires,” the nurse said.“That’s still kind of fourth grade stuff,” Lacey said. “Think about what this man did to you.”

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