From Our Soundbooth | March 12, 2008

This episode of our podcast features the remaining runner-up entries in the Voice-Only Literature: Creative Nonfiction category. The second runner-up was Randolph Jordan, with his entry “A Death in the Family,” and the third runner up was Angela Cervantes, with “A House of Women.”


Randolph Jordan was a runner-up in The Missouri Review‘s 2007 audio competition. [2008]

Angela Cervantes earned her B.A. in English from the University of Kansas and her MBA from Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2001, Angela moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to study and teach English and Creative Writing to High School students. Angela returned to Kansas City in 2004 where she founded the Latino Writers Collective. When not writing, she enjoys attending poetry readings, stuffing her face with tortilla chips and plotting her return to Guadalajara. [2008]