Uncategorized | March 02, 2004

When looking for advice on what to read, there are plenty of websites that can be of help. The New York Times Best-Seller Lists, for example, give fiction and non-fiction hardcover and paperback advice. Other sites to check out are Amazon, which publishes a Best Books of 2003 list, including both Top 50 Customers’ Favorites and Top 50 Editors’ Picks, or Barnes and Noble, which publishes a Top 100 list that’s updated hourly. While literary magazines haven’t traditionally featured their own such lists, some like the Contemporary Poetry Review feature a Best Books of 2003 section, which includes interesting categories such as Best Translation, Best Biography and Worst Book of the Year. Do you know of other literary magazines that issue similar lists? Also, you may want to look at book reviews to find information on books that are newly released or coming out soon. The Missouri Review frequently updates its Book Reviews section.