From Our Soundbooth | March 21, 2015


With only 8 days left until the extended March 29th deadline for our 2015 Miller Audio Prize Contest, we thought we’d reach way back and bring you a work we featured as a part of one of the early years of this contest–2007. Some of the categories of our Audio Contest were different eight years ago, but one of the consistent categories has been Audio Documentary, and in 2007 the 2nd Runner-Up was the piece we are sharing with you again today, Ken Cormier’s “The Secret Piano’s of Manhattan.”  And check out our past winner’s page to listen to other voices from contests past!

This year, we are sending out a special call for your best radio reporting for our Audio Doc category–which has been running a bit behind the other categories in submissions thus far. Of course, we would also like to hear your best submissions of poetry, prose, and humor for our other categories.  Submission fee for the contest is up to you, and prizes of $1,000 will be awarded to the winner in each category.   So here it is, nostalgically, from 2007 and our contest’s early years.

Click below to hear “The Secret Piano’s of Manhattan” by Ken Cormier