From Our Soundbooth | November 14, 2017

On this episode of The Missouri Review‘s Soundbooth, we spoke with director, producer and cinematographer Amanda Micheli about her documentary, Vegas Baby, which screened at the Citizen Jane Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri.

Amanda Micheli is an award-winning director and cinematographer. She earned an Oscar nomination for La Corona, which aired at Sundance in 2008 before airing on HBO. In 2004, she premiered Double Dare at Toronto before its PBS and theatrical release. Her first film, Just for the Ride, won a student Oscar and IDA Award and aired on PBS. In 2014, Micheli produced SLOMO, which was Oscar-shortlisted and wont best short at the IDA and SXSW. She also co-directed One Nation Under Dog for HBO and The Save for ESPN. Other credits include: Thin, Cat Dancers, “30 Days,”and My Flesh and Blood. Micheli is a past visiting lecturer at Stanford’s MFA film program, a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and the Director’s Guild of America.

Vegas Baby, covers a YouTube video contest run by a renowned fertility doctor in Las Vegas, Nevada. The person or couple who gains the most sympathetic votes gets a free in vitro fertilization treatment — a shot at becoming a biological parent. Micheli uses the provocative contest to bring awareness to infertility; it’s something 1 in 8 American couples face, including Micheli and her spouse.

TMR asked Micheli about the extreme emotional, financial and physical tolls in vitro fertilization treatments take; how different people define “family” and about the baby she’s expecting to finally expand hers.

Interview conducted by TMR Audio Intern Anna Sutterer.