From Our Staff | July 28, 2020

On behalf of the Missouri Review’s editorial staff and final judge Alex Sujong Laughlin, we congratulate the winners and runners-up of the 13th Annual Miller Audio Prize:

Winner: “Climb When Ready,” Arlie Adlington
Runner-Up: “Going Home: Voices of the Condemned,” Pickney Benedict

Winner: “Playing, just for you,” Marcel Price
Runner-Up: “Complete,” Troy Varvel

Winner: “The Bird I Held in My Hand: Claudia, 41,” M.D. Reynolds
Runner-Up: “End of the World,” Rachael Cerrotti

Winner: “Everything is Alive: The Magic 8 Ball,” Ian Chillag
Runner-Up: “Quarantine Careers: Voiceover edition,” Tess Adams

We were impressed and inspired as ever by the strong writing and powerful, innovative use of audio in this year’s entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted! Keep an eye out and your ear bent: the winning entries and runners-up will appear on the Missouri Review’s website later this summer. Click here if you’d like to listen to winners from previous years.

Also stay tuned to the Missouri Review website for big news about the coming change in format for the Miller Audio Prize. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know what we’ve got in store.