From Our Staff | October 15, 2014

By Michael Nye

“And then we came to the end.”

Here it is, writers: your very last chance to enter the 24th annual Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize. We award a winner in three categories–fiction, nonfiction, and poetry–with each winner receiving $5,000 and publication in our spring 2015 issue. Also, winners are flown into lovely Columbia, Missouri, for a reading and reception during the spring semester, usually in March or April, an event that is free and open to the public. All entrants receive a one-year subscription to The Missouri Review (and our new fall issue has just arrived!), and all entries are considered for publication (meaning that, usually, a few of our finalists are also published in the spring or summer issue).

By now, you’ve seen this announcement many times and you’ve done all you can to make your work the best it possibly can be. So, here are those answers to those very last minute questions you might have.

October 15th? Really? Yes, really! Today is it! The extended deadline! Today! After all, we only have about ten to twelve weeks to read through all this good work and choose a winner, so we have to get cracking.

Postmark Deadline? Yes, postmark! If you decide to mail your entry to us, do NOT spend a bazillion dollars to overnight or express mail us your work. Postmark date is all we need. If you mail it today, and it arrives next Thursday, that’s cool.

Entry Fee? Twenty dollars. You receive a one-year subscription to TMR, which is four issues. Our normal one-year subscription rate is thirty dollars, so this is a stupendous discount. Again, you are out of excuses to not enter the contest!

Previously Unpublished? Yes, only previously unpublished work. Meaning: “Our definition of “published” is material distributed in any manner to the public, print or web, so work posted on your blog should not be submitted to us for consideration.”

So, that’s it! You can enter the contest with the click of a button on our Submission Manager, located right here.

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