Uncategorized | February 13, 2004

Grey masses of snow pile against the streets. The gutter outside my apartment continues with the incessant drip that is winter pushing to spring. Snow melting means graduation is near and I am contemplating my fate after college, the dire prospects of finding a job and moving on from the midwest.

I found myself most discouraged recently after a brief lecture on options for English majors post-college. This English degree that I have so passionately pursued for four years suddenly seems insufficent, that because I didn’t go in to business or pre-med, I am somehow doomed to a fate of mediocre jobs in communications. Unless of course, I want to pursue a M.B.A., law school, or any other grad program besides English.

Each week, I continue searching the internet, reading online newspaper classifieds, sending resumes, in hopes of some return. I am anxious for something to fall through, an interview or a sign of life from a resume recipient.

Entering college, I declared, “I will never work a 9-5 job, be dammed to sit in a cubicle amongst pant suites and water coolers! I will never settle for that!” Now I search websites advertising for any positions remotely close to what I want to do. Over the last four years I have paid less attention to the incessant talks of the declining economy, and focused on school. Now I live the reality of the dwindling job market, but have hopes of something coming through. The next few months will bring the joint result of my English background and my persistent efforts at employment. I only hope the result will match my ambition.