Uncategorized | April 09, 2004

A couple of weeks ago I saw that Newsweek had recommended, for a little time-wasting, the homestarrunner.com web site. Which means, I suppose, that this strange and hilarious web site (where I have spent much too much time over the past year) has hit the big time. In summary, the site has lots of animated stuff, featuring a handful of weird characters. The reason I mention it in this forum is that the web site is precisely the sort of diversion that appeals to, shall we say, English nerds….Not that I know any. Not that I am one. Anyway, in one clip, the character known as Strong Bad responds to an email asking for help on an English paper. In another one, Strong Bad “rewrites” a popular children’s book. I highly recommend checking them out. Because can’t we all put off our work for just five more minutes?