Dispatches | November 08, 2009

During the ’08 summer, when politics was happening, but I wasn’t really paying attention, I grew enamored with Obama. Not because I was at all informed on his view of political topics, but because I read Obama’s book, “Dreams of my Father”.

Politics aside, I loved that book, I found his writing easy and enjoyable, and his story incredible (though when I think it, perhaps it was more his tone, one of a young person trying to find his identity while living in a world he seemed to look at coldly).

I am happy to see that there may be a sequel, and I don’t mean Audacity of Hope. Just a few days ago, Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, President Barack Obama’s half-brother released a semi-autobiographical book titled, “Nairobi to Shenzhen”.

I am curious about this book and have high hopes, despite how easy it must have been to publish such a thing (although I think he tried to self-publish it). From the description it seems similar to Barack’s, a man trying to find his identity. It will be interesting to see what Mark has to say in his closer, detailed account about his and Barack’s father.