Uncategorized | September 15, 2016

It costs $25 to submit digitally to our Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and $22 to submit by mail. With less than one month remaining until the October 1 deadline, these are two numbers that frequently pop up in the Missouri Review’s office.

Spending twenty-something dollars for a contest entry may seem like a financial stretch, but the opportunity to get published, a chance to win $5,000, and a guaranteed year-long subscription to a literary magazine that has published twenty-five Pulitzer prizewinners definitely makes it worth it, in my opinion. Convinced that there are far more ridiculous things one can spend twenty-something dollars on than our Editors’ Prize entry fee, I asked around the office.

Contest Editor Jennifer McCauley says she got coerced into buying “fancy” hand cream at a mall kiosk. “It gave me a rash,” she said, laughing.EdgarCrow

Managing Editor Kate McIntyre bought a high-end lipstick. In her defense, it’s a “very good lipstick.”

Webmaster Chris Bramon considers that giving her son money to be a free spirit with his friends is fairly frivolous on her end. “Is that kind of lame?” she asked me, after sitting on her response for a while.

Assistant Managing Editor Dedra Earl bought a subscription to a “hipster” food culture magazine, in order to have the convenience of cool new recipes being sent to her mailbox. She’s never read an issue.

Office Assistant Mysti-Ané Pearce gets plugged into those “rigged” carnival games, where the sole prize is a stuffed animal that’s worth far less than is actually spent playing the game.

Marketing Director Kristine Somerville had a plethora of answers, including those “screw-on sippy cups of wine” she drinks at Broadway shows and her Edgar Allan Crow, a sixteen-inch-tall crow, dressed like Edgar Allan Poe, which sits in her office.

Associate Editor Evelyn Somers, who is arguably the most fiscally responsible in our office, once splurged on a Pinocchio Disneykin.

As for me, I frequently buy tickets to concerts I never attend and too-large pizzas that I never finish.

Here at TMR, we all can shamefully admit to wasting money at some point in our lives, but we hope you’ll spend yours on something a bit less frivolous, an entry to our Editors’ Prize before October 1, 2016.

We can’t wait to read your submissions!


Sherell Barbee
Contest Assistant Editor