From Our Staff | December 27, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I spent Christmas morning in Kansas City, watching a clip show from the TV series In the Heat of the Night, on a cable channel I had never previously heard of, and which I may never see again.  Since our blog has not seen much activity lately, due to our contributors being on vacation, I thought I would post something to our blog that’s equivalent to ItHotN’s clip show, one that will cover roughly our last four months.

Unfortunately, this post will lack the charming structure of the clip show, in which a blonde reporter tracks down certain police officers and asks intrusive questions concerning their history with the department, prompting each officer to reminisce, thus evoking a series of clips from previous episodes.  I just don’t have the money to produce something like that.  So here is a less elaborately presented sampling of what our bloggers have come up with lately.

Michael Nye revisited J.D. Salinger.

Nell McCabe contemplated the authorship of books with ostensibly fictional authors.

Katy Didden addressed the poetry of Kent Shaw.

Patrick Lane addressed the role of literary publishers in the digital age.

Claire McQuerry wrote about once-beloved poems.

Kris Somerville drew attention to the artists behind some of our recent covers.

Austin Segrest drew our attention to Mary Oliver.

Scott Scheese wrote about R.T. Smith and Tobias Wolff.

Michael Kardos identified some emerging clichés in fiction.

There’s a lot of great content there, and there’s more to be found in our archive.  We hope you’ll continue reading.  Happy New Year!

Robert Long Foreman is The Missouri Review’s Social Media Editor.