Dispatches | April 25, 2011

In case you missed the last couple of installments in our series of interviews with interns, here are two of them, featuring fiction reader Hannah Baxter and poetry reader Tori Ricciardi, respectively.

It turns out that Xtranormal – the web site that has otherwise been used by an insurance agency to create insurance advertisements, by teenagers to make bad sex jokes, and by Dinty Moore to dramatize a controversy in creative nonfiction – is a useful tool for featuring the insights and house pet preferences of our smart and dedicated interns. The Xtranormal format invites silliness, but at the heart of these cartoon interviews is evidence of the talent and intelligence of those who read submissions for TMR and otherwise make this journal function.

Look tomorrow at our Facebook page for still another such interview, this one with staff member and textBOX engineer Nell McCabe.

Robert Long Foreman is The Missouri Review’s Social Media Editor.