Uncategorized | September 15, 2004

Sending out poems for the first time? Tired of flipping through Poets’ Market looking for addresses and editors’ names? Poet Jeffery Bahr’s website provides an incredible (and downright obsessive) resource for print journal submission. Once there you’ll find a nine-page table listing virtually every print journal of repute in the country, along with website links, editors’ names, addresses, estimated response times, information on whether or not simultaneous submissions are accepted, and how many poems should be submitted. Researching a journal is a simple matter of scrolling down the page–no more tiresome page-flipping!

Bahr also includes an “approximate print journal ranking system,” which estimates the difficulty of getting a poem accepted at each journal based on criteria such as volume of submissions, number of poems accepted each year, press run, etc.; a compilation of journal response times; links to websites with information on poetry submission; a list of book-award competitions for first-time authors; and, most interestingly, a statistical breakdown of the Best American Poetry series, “ranking” journals and poets according to the number of times they have been selected.

All in all, an insane though immensely useful website!