Dispatches | October 21, 2009

Take a look at these two similar articles; one from The Huffington Post and one from Quarterly West’s website, written by George Saunders. Both deal with the trials and tribulations of being an aspiring writer; Mostly the constant chorus of “what do you plan to do as a writer?” and also the long waiting periods in before or in between acceptance letters. Melaine Drane ponders the allure of writing workshops and MFA programs. Saunders, with his typical wry humor, tells the story of his first acceptance and the sense of confidence and validation that came along with it.

Here at TMR, we’re busy digging tunnels in the mountains of contest entries that have poured into the office over the past few months. We’ve received well over 2,000 entries and we’ll be spending the next couple of months working through all them. Obviously, only a few of those entries will eventually be accepted. But to all those whose submissions are not accepted, don’t give up. Keep tweaking and writing and waiting for that letter that will make you forget all the ones that came before it.