Dispatches | March 14, 2011

As you know, the deadline for TMR’s audio contest is tomorrow. Early last week, I began to think about how to inspire people to submit to the contest. Working with audio from scratch, especially creating your own work, can be a daunting task. I was still stumped as the editor’s prize winning authors rolled into town this weekend. Then, during an in-studio interview (look for podcasts soon!), it hit me. Why not show you how we do audio? And here’s what I came up with:

We use Pro Tools LE for recording and editing all audio tracks.










After creating a new track, we adjust the gain to the appropriate level and begin recording.










We use a small, Whisper Room soundproof booth with a Neumann microphone and music stand.














A microphone outside the booth allows us to direct the reader during a recording.











Now, we edit. The cut, trim and mover tools are highlighted in blue in the upper left corner.










Finally, we transfer the file to iTunes to create an .mp3. That file is then uploaded to the digital issue for everyone to hear.











But you don’t need a professional studio to create your own work and submit. You can use software like Audacity or even iMovie and create great tracks, maybe even prize-winning tracks. Good luck and don’t forget to get your submissions in the mail by tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all your great work.