ISSUES | fall 1994

17.2 Cover

17.2 (Fall 1994)

Featuring work by Rick Campbell, Robert Einaudi, H.E. Francis, Robert Gibb, David Jauss, Willoughby Johnson, Jonathan Kranz, Norman Lavers, Joyce Carol Oates, Diza Sauers, Steve Yates, an interview with Linda Hogan, a found text by Arlene Reynolds… and a History as Literature feature by Gwen and Ardis Hamilton Anderson.


17.2 Cover

History as Literature

Sep 01 1994

The Gazette Girls of Grundy County

The first problem was to find a paper we could buy with a down payment of $500.00 and a debt of not more than $1,500.00. That would leave us with a few hundred for operating expenses until we “started making a profit.” We knew we wanted a Linotype machine, since setting type by hand, as some country newspapers of that eara were still doing, would leave us little time to write, interview, and pursue the more interesting phases of newspaper work.