ISSUES | spring 1995

18.1 Cover

18.1 (Spring 1995): "The Beginnings… The Ends of Love

Featuring the winners of the 1995  Editors’ Prize and work by Michael Byers, Tom Ireland, Rick Lyon, Wendell Mayo, Winifred Moranville, Bin Ramke, Maximilian Schlaks, Steve Yarbrough, and Irene Ziegler, and an interview with Jessica Hagedorn.

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18.1 Cover


Mar 01 1995

The Incredible Appearing Man

I let myself watch his walk to the truck, gravel scattering under his boots. He looks improbably young, a gypsy cowboy with shiny black curls bouncing around his hat. Was there a streak of gray or not? His jeans are tight. When he reaches the truck, he looks back at me. One, two, three, I count and shut the door. Three is as long as I can look without looking too long. My hands are shaking. Nothing happened, I tell myself. But my hands are shaking, and there’s no denying it.