ISSUES | spring 1979

Cover 2.2

2.2 (Spring 1979)

Featuring work by Jim Barnes, Christopher Buckley, Michael Burkard, Rita Dove, Douglas Delaney, Stephen Dunn, Lynn Emanuel, Jorie Graham, Albert Guerard, Denis Johnson, Lawrence Kearney, Shimaki Kensaku, Jascha Kessler, Peter Klappert, Elizabeth Libbey, Askold Melnyczuk, Carol Muske, Tomi Nagai, Howard Nelson, David Ohle, Sharon Olds, Steve Orlen, Dennis Saleh, Sherod Santos, John Skoyles, Gary Soto, Elizabeth Spires, Pamela Stewart, Mary Swander, Gordon Weaver, Franz Wright, Christine Zawadiwsky and criticism by Garrett Stewart, David Fite, and Merle Brown.


Cover 2.2


Mar 01 1979


The Three Virgins, they called us at Vassar. I don’t know, even now, if we were wise or foolish. But we’ve each seen something of life: one in New York, one in Chicago, and one in Beverly Hills. We meet up often enough, passing over this wide wilderness, to and from on the career trails, the marriage and separation trails, wandering from sacking and slaughter with our booty, from conquest and humiliations, wedding banquets and sanatoria, fatfarms, dude ranches and communes, islands en route, and adventures.