ISSUES | fall 1998

21.2 Cover

21.2 (Fall 1998): "Men"

Featuring work by Bill Embly,  Gary Fincke, William Gay, Otis Haschemeyer, Tom Ireland, Davis McCombs, Ron Nyren, Henry Shukman, Peter Walpole, an interview with Harvey Shapiro, and a found text by Katherine Anne Porter and Robert Penn Warren.


21.2 Cover

Found Text

Jun 01 1998

The Porter-Warren Letters: The Turbulent Years

These letters cover 1935 to 1942, the years when Robert Penn Warren and Katherine Anne Porter emerged as important American literary figures. Warren, fifteen years younger than Porter, was enormously active during this time. In addition to his writing, teaching, and traveling, he helped found a major literary magazine and cowrite, with Cleanth Brooks, one of the most influential textbooks in American literary history. Porter, meanwhile, was publishing some of her best stories, in the spare, realistic, yet numinous style that was her trademark.