ISSUES | spring 2000

23.1 Cover

23.1 (Spring 2000): "Passion’s Fool"

Featuring the winners of the 1999 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and work by Jennifer Anderson, Marshall Boswell, Jamie Callan,  Donald Hays, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Jack Heflin, Davis McCombs, Susan Neville, Elizabeth Templeman, and an interview with Li-Young Lee.


23.1 Cover


Mar 01 2000

An Interview with Li-Young Lee

I feel that the work of poetry is like making potato latkes. Every poem is like a potato latke, that’s all it is. On the other hand, it’s the most important thing a person can do. I suppose it’s because I believe poetry’s work is to uncover a genuine or authentic human identity, an identity even prior to childhood. It’s like the Zen question: What was your face before you were born? I think poetry tries to answer that, to come to terms with an identity that’s ancient and eternally fresh because it is so ancient.