ISSUES | fall 2002

25.2 Cover

25.2 (Fall 2002): "Uncovered"

Featuring work by Steve Almond, Elizabeth Tova Bailey, Rebecca Black, Brendan Galvin, William Harrison, Ryan Harty, Jesse Kercheval, Robert King, David Zanne Mairowitz, Erin McGraw, Speer Morgan, Peter Musolf, Steve Street, and an interview with Diane Johnson and an interview with Jamaica Kincaid.


25.2 Cover


Jun 01 2002

Interview with Diane Johnson

Interviewer: I’m stuck by the sense of fun in your work, something I seldom see in contemporary fiction.

Johnson: I too find that quality strangely lacking — not true of authors we now think of as “classic,” like, say, E. M. Forster, or even James, who can be very funny. I have no explanation for the American lack, and it has even crossed my mind that a sense of fun can be a curse in the U.S., preventing readers from seeing the serious issues and thoughts that may find their way into a writer’s pages.