ISSUES | fall 2005

28.2 Cover

28.2 (Fall 2005): "Losing It"

Featuring work by Penelope Lively, Kim Brooks, David Schuman, Peter Gordon, Jeffrey Harrison, Rawdon Tomlinson, Lavonne Adams, Lewis M. Dabney, E.J. Levy, Zakes Mda, Elly Williams… and an essay by Jason Anthony.


28.2 Cover


Sep 01 2005

Losing It

We sometimes assume that the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was a time when thinkers became sensitized to the struggle and uncertainty of nature and life. It truly was one of the most creative and turbulent periods in the history of thought. Darwin, Marx, Freud and Einstein all depicted not just conflict but systems of disparity between what seems to be and what is. In literature as well as the sciences both the obvious and the hidden struggles of life were being looked at with new intimacy and understanding.