ISSUES | spring 2007

30.1 Cover

30.1 (Spring 2007): "Love and Loneliness"

Featuring the winners of the 2007 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and work by Jacob M. Appel, Cynthia Coffel, Erica Johnson Debeljak, Sascha Feinstein,
Jonathan Fink, Laura Kasischke, Sharon Pomerantz, Rachel Swearingen, David Zoby, and an interview with David Sedaris.


30.1 Cover


Mar 01 2007

Letters to David

All through my twenties, those playful, makeshift years when nothing seemed serious or settled, my friendship with David was the most important constant. I was building what I thought of as my teaching career, those young days, and I moved to a new place every two or three years: I worked in a daycare center in Live Oaks, California, first, then in a school for teenaged mothers in Ogden, Utah; next I taught English as a second language at a Catholic college…