ISSUES | spring 2009

32.1 Cover

32.1 (Spring 2009): "Witness"

Featuring the winners of the 2009 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and work by Dwight Allen, Anthony Doerr, Daniel Donaghy, Christina Hutchins, Adam Prince, Deborah-Anne Tunney, Lisa Williams, and an interview with Ellen Bryant Voigt.


32.1 Cover


Jun 01 2009

Double Fish

Finally I figured out [an angle] and give it to the extremely morose man who took money from my children whenever they wanted to catch goldfish in his sad little inflatable pool…. I thought about how teh clientele had changed in the past few years and about what that might mean for the city and the country and my character. I gave him an apartment in the building where my Mandarin teacher lived. Then I gave him a history and waited for it to come back and bite him in the ass, the way all our histories do.