The Miller Aud-cast | March 19, 2021

Hello and welcome back to the Miller Aud-cast! We have arrived at episode 11, and it is truly something to marvel at: “Adeline’s Gambol,” by actor and playwright Anne Undeland.

Undeland is a playwright whose work has been presented in festivals on the East and West Coasts with her short, “The Kiss,” winning best play at the Ten Minute Play Festival at the West Side Y in New York in 2018. Her full-length play, Lady Randy, was produced by WAM Theatre and performed at Shakespeare & Co in Lenox, MA in 2019. She’s is an active member of Howl Playwrights In Rhinebeck, NY and The Writers’ Rock in NYC and is at work on a new play called Mr. Fullerton (fans of Edith Wharton will recognize the name).

Undeland has this to say about the piece: “Remember that song with the line, ‘you’re my baby, you’re my pet?’ What happens when a woman takes that idea and runs with it, literally? Strap yourselves in for Adeline’s Gambol, a wild chase through the forest deep in Victorian crinolines, frilly bows, and full-throated female rebellion.”

Listeners should note that one of Undeland’s playwriting groups, Howl Playwrights, has posted Adeline’s Gambol on their YouTube page as part of their “First Monday” series. The group used to go to a nifty pub and do live readings of plays we wrote on the first Monday of the month. Alas, the before times. Now, in an effort to continue (at least in spirit), the group posts stuff online. Undeland say, “I went to town with Adeline, learned some Garageband and iMovie, and made a much more produced version with music and pictures.” Check out the links below to bear witness to that town going-to, and to learn more about Undeland.

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“Adeline’s Gambol”: