The Miller Aud-cast | June 14, 2021

Hello everybody, we’re back with the 23rd Episode of the Miller Aud-cast to share with you all “Love Tunnels,” a finalist for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize in Audio Documentary, written and directed by Malgorzata Zerwe and David Zane Mairowitz.

Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

“We are both radio free-lancers, we’ve worked in and for many countries, separately and together, and we like to keep our microphones open and ready whenever we can. In 2011, we found ourselves on a car trip from Denver to San Francisco, lasting about four weeks, and with a stopover in Las Vegas to “legitimise” (not our word) our relationship. Right away we decided to talk to and record anyone along the way who had anything poignant to say about the marriage ritual, among others a Native American Navajo horse-tamer, Colorado Bible-preachers who wanted to marry us in their hotel, as well as a tour guide in Taos who filled us in on D.H. Lawrence’s stormy marriage there. This became our Radio Road Movie, which includes our recordings in Vegas itself, attacked by wedding sharks on the street and embarrassed by a kitschy wedding sermon conducted at the open window of our muddy rental car. The current piece is a truncated version of a longer feature.”

Stay tuned for Miller Aud-cast #24, coming soon. In the meantime, DO NOT SLEEP: submissions are open now for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize. Learn all about it at our website. Thanks also to the Missouri Review contest editor, Bailey Boyd, who joined me for this Aud-cast, and to Patricia Miller, for her generous support for the Miller Audio Prize. Finally, TMR is open for submissions year-round, and we remain dedicated to discovering and publishing the best contemporary writing in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Be heard. Give us the opportunity to discover you: subscribe or submit your work today! Learn more at