From Our Soundbooth | October 22, 2019

We are so excited to share with you the 2019 Miller Audio Prize Runner-Up in Humor: “8 Missed Calls” by Will Holcomb, selected by 2019 Guest Judge Cher Vincent. The Miller Audio Prize is a Spring contest that recognizes winners and runners-up in the four genres of poetry, prose, humor, and audio documentary.

About “8 Missed Calls“:

8 Missed Calls” has its roots in a nightmare of mine I’m fortunate to have only had the once, and grew up through several dense strata of private anxieties about negative space, sizes of infinity, and the weight the two may or may not bear on human ethics. Also, leaving messages for someone you aren’t sure will ever answer felt like the ideal genre for an audio story about trying to reckon with cosmic terror. All of this, in turn, is superb fuel for Jokes.

Listen to “8 Missed Calls” below:

Will Holcomb, also known as O. Hybridity, is the author of Shop Talk (as seen in Daily Science Fiction) and Teratoscope, a serial, digitally-published bestiary. They are also a freelance editor, most notably for the Seven Seas release of Toradora. They were born in Kirksville, MO in the summer of 1994, completed the Truman State University BFA in Creative Writing, and are concluding the MFA Fiction program at SIUC. Their national bird is the lammergeier, and their primary exports are rare earth elements and conspiracies against rational paradigms.