Uncategorized | June 01, 2005

Edward Falco, whose stories have appeared on several occasions in The Missouri Review, has a pair of new book-length works available or forthcoming. The University of Notre Dame Press has just published In the Park of Culture, described as “a collection of literary short fictions that explore the difficulty of keeping faith in a world wracked by war and violence, while also considering the redemptive possibilities of love.” Falco himself, in a brief “Afterword,” writes, “I chose short fictions because, from a practical perspective, it seems like the most accurate label. Short, for obvious reasons; and fictions because to call it poetry confuses everybody and because that little ‘s’ at the end of the word fictions distinguishes it from the short story, with that form’s promise of an organic relationship between a fully realized character and significant, vividly described action.”

Falco’s second novel, Wolf Point, described as a “taut, dramatic literary thriller that examines betrayal, trust and forgiveness,” will be published this fall by Unbridled Books. Unbridled also published Falco’s collection of short stories, Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha: New and Selected Stories, last year.