Uncategorized | October 08, 2004

The Swedish Academy has announced Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek as the winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Literature: “for her musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society’s clichés and their subjugating power.” Jelinek, the first woman since 1996 to win the award and the first Austrian, is a self-described “advocate for the weak,” a controversial writer whose “feminism, leftist politics, and pacifism are common themes in her work.” Jelinek herself, known for her reclusiveness, has said she is “in despair” after winning the prize and will not travel to Stockholm to receive it due to her social phobia.
Jelinek, who writes in German, is perhaps best known for her novel, The Piano Teacher, which was turned into a French-language film that “shocked some with its sexual violence.”