From Our Staff | February 03, 2012

Guys and gals of The Missouri Review online world. Given the success of our “48 Hour Poetry Non-Contest Contest” last semester, we’re starting a series of brief online writing prompts. We’ll give you a topic every other week, and a week to turn your entries in.**

*E-mail address: (don’t send spam. We do not want a cheap hotel in Vietnam).

*Prizes: 1-year subscription to the online Missouri Review, complete with audio access (pop it into your car, listen to fine literature on your way to work instead of Top 40. Hear the sweet dulcet tones of our soon-to-be-published Editor’s Prize winners while you bench press 300 pounds)

*Rules: 1 entry per person, stick to the word/form limit. Judges’ (biased) decisions final. We’ll put up the winning entry on our Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Week 1:

“Ringo Starr’s interior monologue while playing drums at a sold out show”

250 Words.

Due by: 8PM EST, 2/9/12

Winners Announced: You know, after that

**Not to be confused with the money-awarding “Audio Contest,” entries to which must be postdated by March 15th–details of which (including the exciting sliding scale of contest entry fees) are available in Claire McQuerry’s post from a couple days ago.