Uncategorized | July 01, 2004

Three recently published books feature work that first appeared in the pages of The Missouri Review. The latest collection of stories from Alice Hoffman, Blackbird House (Doubleday, 2004), includes “The Edge of the World” (MR 26:3). The poems of Nicole Cooley about the Salem witch trials, “John Winthrop: Reasons to be Considered for . . . the Intended Plantation in New England,” “An Alphabet of Lessons for Girls,” “Testimony: The Parris House,” “Witch Research: The Essex County Museum,” “Testimony: Escape” and “Witness Tree” (MR 22:2), have been collected in her book The Afflicted Girls (LSU Press, 2004). And Adrian C. Louis, whose poems “Song of Arrows,” “Jungle Jim,” “Juice,” and “Valentine from Indian Country,” appeared in the same issue as Cooley’s, has just published a new collection of poems, Evil Corn (Ellis Press, 2004).