From Our Staff | July 30, 2010

The end of July also means the end of our summer internship class.  We’ve had a wonderful group that was with us for eight weeks – way too short – and they’ve done a tremendous job on putting the finishing touches on the new issue out now and the autumn issue, which will be arriving in September.  In this space, over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll read interviews our interns have conducted with previous contributors to TMR, the first of which was Olivia’s conversation with Tom Ireland.  As always, we hope that a few interns will get the opportunity to return in autumn or spring.

Every few weeks, our intern staff turns over.  But this time of year also brings massive turnover with the departure of key graduate editors and staff.  After several years with TMR, Lania Knight accepted a position with Eastern Illinois University and hotfooted it out of CoMo.  The inclusion of audio recordings of each and every piece we publish was the brain child of Lania and our previous managing editor, Richard Sowienski, sparked by a random “Hey, did you ever consider …?” conversation in the hallway years ago.  She helped write the grant, build the studio (which is in room 54 of our building.  yes, it is Studio 54.  yes, really!), master the software, discovered the voice talent, conducted print interviews with writers like David Sedaris and Paul Eggers, worked with NPR affiliated across the country, and made our audio recordings what is today.  She’s left a massive imprint on us all here, and we’re grateful for all her time here.  Check out her fiction here.

This year, Stephanie Carpenter often appeared in our offices at odd hours with a large stack of essays sitting haphazard on the coffee table.  She’s been gracious with her time as a senior reader for us as another set of smart, critical eyes for the prose we consider.  She also worked as our contest editor back in 2007-08.  You can read one of her stories here.  She’s headed back to her home state of Michigan where she’ll start at UM-Flint in the fall and teach Tom Izzo how to run the motion offense.

Dan Stahl has been “editorial assistant” with us for almost two years, but that title doesn’t do justice to what he has meant to us.  Dan has done just about every project conceivable here, from manuscript reading and editing, research projects, and even filling in as our office manager for six weeks with just a moment’s notice.  As the Swiss Army knife of TMR, he’ll be terribly missed.

Finally, our poetry editor, Marc McKee, has accepted a one-year appointment down at Warrensburg.  He’ll have the chance to leave his fingerprints on Pleiades, another fine journal from deepinthehearta, and educate the youngsters on how to write awesome poetry.  Speaking of fine poetry, remember that Marc’s first full-length collection, Fuse, will be out from Black Lawrence Press in 2011.  As poetry editor, he’s championed a wide-range of wonderful poets that have appeared in the last four issues and had their work appear on our website as our Poem of The Week feature.  Or to use an analogy that Marc and I will enjoy, he’s been vintage Dominique Wilkens to my Doc Rivers the past six months.

So, bon voyage, y’all.  A short blog post won’t be enough to tell Marc, Stephanie, Dan, Lania, and our entire intern staff how much they’ve meant to us.  Their work and friendship has made my transition into TMR easy.  For our readers, their influence over the last several years is in the pages of TMR and the great interviews, stories, essays, and poems you’ve read – and, yes, listened to! – for years.  Good organizations are only as strong as the people that work there, and because of them, we’ve been fortunate enough to have not been not good but great.  Thank you!

Michael Nye is the managing editor of The Missouri Review.