Uncategorized | March 29, 2004

In a recent issue of Black Book magazine, the topic of conversation was explored. The Face to Face issue looked at the importance of conversation, and whether the art of conversation has been lost in the technological shuffle of daily life. The issue acted as a tribute to open dialogue and conversation, placing iconic individuals side by side to talk about things that matter to them personally, about art and culture, creativity and life. Interesting to read David Bowie’s personal reactions to the state of music today or Richard Avedon’s insight on photography and sculpture. What I appreciated most about these interviews was the level of informal conversation, the personal insight of respected individuals without the scripted answers. I wonder if we have lost the beauty of open dialogue, the free exchange of ideas. Have our abilities to converse disappeared somehow in the crutch for easier tools (email, cell phones)?

On another note and speaking of the personal insight of respected individuals, I stumbled across an older piece written by Zadie Smith on one of my favorite literary sites, Eyeshot. The article is called, “On the Road: American Writers and Their Hair”. This piece was originally written to be read aloud at Neal Pollack’s Timothy McSweeney’s Festival of Literature, Theater, and Music. This piece maps Smith’s travels across the U.S. on her book tour and is an entertaining account of the various cities she visited, like her ride to the airport with Lorrie Moore or the various-skewed requests from fans at signings. Worth checking out.