Uncategorized | June 01, 2005

As The Missouri Review embarks upon its 28th year as one of the nation’s leading literary journals, we unveil our own version of a facelift. The change in the website’s visual appearance reflects the more significant changes to be found with the release of our most recent issue, the Spring/Summer 2005 (28.1) edition of The Missouri Review. While the quality of literature we publish again attains the high standards to which our readers have become accustomed, we’ve brightened the package in which that literature is delivered. We’ve adopted a new masthead, expanded the physical size of the magazine (a little taller, a little wider), raised the quality of the page stock, and incorporated more graphical elements–pictures, colors, images–inside the magazine. We’ve added a “From the Author” feature that will allow our readers to get to know our authors just a little bit better. Our goal is not overwhelm our readers with eye-candy nor to wrap mediocre stories, poetry, and essays in pretty packages, but rather to provide a look that complements the worthy endeavors of our writers. Hand-in-hand with our redesign comes an expanded presence in bookstores across the nation. So over the coming months, expect to find The Missouri Review in new places and featured more prominently in old places, both near and far.